Acupuncture Growth Symposium 2018

April 13-15, 2018 — San Diego, California, USA

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Top 5 Reasons You Need To Be There:

Your Patients Trust Technology

Most of them will even trust it more than they trust people. Perhaps even more than they trust you.

If you're not embracing technology in your practice, you are losing the trust of your patients and an opportunity to connect with them on a deeper psychological level. At the seminar we will teach you how to use technology to create and enhance this trust connection with your patients.


Acupuncture Specific Technology Training

Much of the research and training available for technology in the medical industry is specific to medical doctors or physical therapists or others.

This symposium will be specific to acupuncturists, with direct application in acupuncture practice. What you learn here will be usable in practice on day 1!


Successful Practitioners

As an acupuncturist, you practice in a world that has odds stacked against you. Insurance is rigged, patients don't want to pay cash or commit to long treatment plans, and running a practice is just hard.

We know the answers because we do this stuff. It's a tough world out there, and if you can't make a living you can't help anyone. We can help you and we will teach how we overcome these obstacles at this symposium.


Real Education Wasn't At School

Sure, you spent years in school learning the theory of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. That schooling is designed to help you pass tests and get a license, but when you get into practice, that's when the real education begins.

This symposium isn't another guru you can chase or another theory you can study, it's designed for practical application. This is what is working right now, actually getting results in practice, and you can implement it on day 1.


Integrative Healthcare

How do you have a discussion with a medical doctor about the theories of Chinese medicine that you're using to help your patients?

There are tools and technology out there designed specifically for this, to help you communicate with other healthcare providers. Building these relationships is key for credibility and referrals.

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