Your Practice Isn't Performing as Well as it COULD and SHOULD.

Expert Analysis to Pinpoint Opportunities.
Guru Coaching to Get Results.

Why AcuGrowth?

AcuGrowth Coaching is the only practice coaching program designed specifically for acupuncturists, by acupuncturists and business experts. We know the unique problems faced in this field, and we know how to get results. Our expert coaches bring years of real-world business experience to each situation as they analyze your practice in terms of your needs and goals, help you identify problems and opportunities, devise an action plan, and provide a customized roadmap to help you reach your goals.

AcuGrowth clients experience outstanding results in attracting new patients, retaining existing patients and improving practice performance.

Read below to learn more about our affordable coaching options.
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AcuGrowth Insiders
Group Coaching Club

Continuing Coaching program for Acupuncture Practice Growth.

The AcuGrowth Insiders Program is perfect for those practitioners who want to take their practice seriously, but don't want to commit to a rigid schedule with mandatory assignments. Access a live Practice Coach when you want, and study the practice topics that most interest you, on your own schedule.

This program includes:

  • Interactive Discussion and Q&A with an AcuGrowth Insiders Coach Every Month.
  • AcuGraph Case Study Presentation and Comments, with Q&A Session Every Month.
  • Quarterly Ad/Marketing review.
  • Four AcuGraph Case Consultations per year.
  • Access to recorded replays of all Training Presentations and Case Studies.
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AcuGrowth Private Coaching

Private Coaching program for Acupuncture Practice Growth.

The AcuGrowth Private Coaching Program is ideal for those practitioners who want to build the practice they really want. Whether that's 3 busy days a week, or just working mornings, your private coach will work with you one-on-one to set goals that you want, not that they want. They will also make assignments and follow-up with you to assure practice success.

This 60-day program includes:

  • Practice Evaluation—so you know right where your practice is on day one, and what you can expect from it without changing anything.
  • Four Live One-Hour Calls with your Practice Coach—set and work to accomplish your own goals for your own practice, with a helping hand from a Practice Professional.
  • Before-and-After Practice Comparison—this will show you where your practice was, where it is now, and what you can expect from it.